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Where in the World Is Mt Kilimanjaro? Exploring Its Location and Cultural Legacy

When Kilimanjaro is brought up in conversation, many instantly think of the African continent where this majestic mountain resides. Yet, not many can pinpoint the exact country it's located in. And even fewer know what makes Kilimanjaro so special. Let's learn more about the tallest free-standing mountain in the world! Kilimanjaro from a bird's eye [...]

Training for Kilimanjaro: What You Need to Know

All you need to know about training for Kilimanjaro Mount Kilimanjaro is not only the highest point in Africa - it is the highest free-standing mountain in the world! Any climber who attempts to climb Kilimanjaro should prepare mentally and physically with an exercise regime and an understanding of altitude. Every year an estimated 35,000 or more climbers take [...]

Tipping Protocol for Mt. Kilimanjaro Treks: What You Need to Know

Tipping is normal and expected at Kilimanjaro. This might come as a surprise to many, especially if coming from countries and cultures where tipping is not as prevalent or present at all. The amount of tip is also larger than others treks you might have been on previously. This is because unlike most other treks [...]

The Ultimate Packing List For Conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro

Here are the list of essentials required for the Kilimanjaro trek. Most of it can be purchased or rented at Moshi. Basics Towel Soap Hand sanitizer Camera Toothbrush Spare batteries for camera, headlamp Face cloth Toilet paper Summit gear (wear on summit night) Gore-Tex, Microtex or K-Tech Trilaminate jacket Gore-Tex, Microtex or K-Tech pants Fleece [...]

The Ultimate Mt. Kilimanjaro Menu: What to Eat for Success

At Royal climb and safaris, we understand the importance of healthy, nutritious and tasty meals while on the trek. Here is a sample of the food you can expect while on the trail. Morning Call Tea, Drinking chocolate, Milo, Coffee, Biscuits, Milk Breakfast Porridge - Oat porridge, Finger millet porridge, Maize porridge, Semolina (sooji) porridge [...]

Packing for Safari: How to Choose the Right Clothing and Footwear

When packing for a safari, the most important thing is moderation. While there is no need to go minimalist, you also don’t want to carry an abundance of unnecessary luggage across Africa with you. Remember, travelers on safari will move with their luggage in the safari vehicle throughout the tour. For the days spent in [...]

Is Tanzania a safe country to visit?

Tanzania is the largest East African nation, and considered the most peaceful country in the region. However, you may have concerns about traveling to Tanzania, especially because of the recent world-wide health concerns. Some websites also say that traveling to Tanzania might be dangerous due to the threat of violence and terrorism. You may be [...]

Understanding Tanzania’s Mandatory Vaccinations: What You Need to Know

Immunizations before your trip to Tanzania As you begin planning your trip to Tanzania, you may have health-related questions about how to protect yourself against specific diseases common in Africa. This article covers issues crucial for Tanzania: what vaccinations are mandatory and what other immunizations are recommended. Up-to-date information on immunizations for Tanzania Mandatory Immunizations [...]

When is the best time to climb Kilimanjaro?

Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro When choosing the most suitable time for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you should consider several factors: the temperature, the views, the density of traffic on the trek, difficulty level and safety. However, the overarching factor that impacts all others is weather.. Mount Kilimanjaro lies in an equatorial climatic zone; instead of [...]

When is the best time for a safari in Tanzania?

One of the top questions travelers ask is ‘When is the best time for a safari in Tanzania?’ While there are definitely popular tourism seasons, other factors depend on one’s personal preference. Read on to discover your ideal season to visit Tanzania, based on your tastes and travel interests Weather is key Other destinations may [...]

Guide to the Big Five in Tanzania

Animals of the Big Five   In this article, you will learn: What are the Big Five Animals of Africa What unites them and why they are called the Big Five Where can you see them in Tanzania Whether it's possible to find all the animals of the Big Five in one place What other [...]

Packing for Kilimanjaro: Expert Advice and Recommendations

Despite that of the "Seven Summits" - highest climbs on all seven continents - Kilimanjaro is considered the easiest, this expedition shouldn’t be taken lightly.Packing your Kilimanjaro kit is one of the most important steps on the way to a successful climb. The Web is full of travel recommendations, however, most of them inevitably fail [...]

Getting a Tourist Visa for Tanzania

Tourist Visa for Tanzania Most foreign nationals need a visa to enter Tanzania. Previously, tourists had two options to obtain a tourist visa: to get a visa upon arrival or apply in advance through their nation’s Tanzanian consulate, which required sending their passport away in the mail and waiting for it to be returned. The [...]

What to expect on a safari in Tanzania?

A journey to Tanzania   Africa has a special magic - sunsets so beautiful that time stands still, remote locations where the brilliance of the night stars truly takes your breath away and encounters with nature that will change how you see the world. The best and most interesting way to experience nature in Africa [...]

Which Kilimanjaro route to choose?

Things to consider when choosing a route to climb Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro National Park Authority has seven official routes for Mount Kilimanjaro. This guide outlines each one in detail to help climbers choose which best fits their interests and fitness level. Every route differs in its specific draw, from scenic views to difficulty level, and most [...]

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